Ed DeCosta

Deb Ingino

Please consider this the highest professional recommendation for Brenda Dunagan. Having worked with Brenda as an executive of a Fortune 500 company, I can attest to her exemplary work ethic, attention to detail, organizational skills, and tremendous sense of professionalism. Brenda provided invaluable service to the executive team and the board of directors.  Her work at process improvements in the corporate secretary and legal functions led to enhanced efficiencies in those areas. Brenda has the unique ability to see the broader picture in problem solving and to provide practical solutions. Combining these skills with impeccable character makes her an invaluable part of any executive team. I would highly recommend her for your business.

Bob Schuller
General Counsel

Kevin Miller

Brenda is amazing at helping overworked and frazzled business owners get things under control, in order, and running smoothly. Going above and beyond the traditional work a VA does, Brenda gets into the operations of a business where she really shines. I’ve had the pleasure of coaching with Brenda at www.coachradio.tv over the past few years, and even as she hired me, I found myself picking up bits and pieces of what she does which have helped me grow my own business.

Justin Lukasavige